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#RBFC1 - RudeBits Foam 10th Inserts ‘Cheaters’ (10 Pairs)

#RBFC1 - RudeBits Foam 10th Inserts ‘Cheaters’ (10 Pairs)


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After extensive testing back to back with all the leading tyre inserts, the results were so good, an investment had to be made in unique tooling for the RB Foam Inserts to be born.  They are so good, we nicknamed them ‘cheaters’.  Now proven BRCA National Winners too

  • By our own RB tool
  • Unique size like no other in the industry
  • More absorption and progressive over bumps
  • More support for the tyre, especially after a few laps
  • More side bite
  • More drive
  • Proven faster lap times with various makes of cars and drivers
  • Inner donut insert left in therefore keeping the foams shape
  • Zip reusable clear bag